Reports and Data

The Think Local First Initiative unveils its regional spending impact report. In addition, see how your community is spending the tax revenues it generates through local sales.

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Doing Business In The Region

Learn how your business can connect and contract with public agencies in your region to do business. Register for email notifications; see current RFP’s and more.

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Partners And Champions

By unifying Chambers, Business Associations, Elected Officials, Business Owners and Community, we will work together to keep commerce, jobs and tax revenue within our region.

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Any business in San Diego County may register their business for free.

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About Us

The Think Local First initiative is designed to grow jobs, strengthen our local tax base and champion commerce in the region by encouraging local purchasing, hiring and contracting of services.

When the general public, government agencies, and school districts purchase products, services, and hire within the region they have a tremendous impact on the strength and success of the businesses and communities involved.

A wide range of businesses, elected officials, Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations have united to create the Think Local First initiative. By unifying this diverse and unique group of people under the Think Local First philosophy we plan to strengthen the business community and the vibrancy of the region we operate in.